Acerca de nosotros

Morris Sallick Industrial Supplies, Inc. (MSIS) was founded in 1991 in Miami, FL, by Mr. Morris Sallick, a mechanical engineer with many years of experience in maintenance and management of industrial plants in the petroleum/chemical, and food/beverage industries.  MSIS is family-owned company with offices in Miami, FL and Managua, Nicaragua; additionally, personnel are placed throughout the Central American region.


We are a company that is continuously searching for new proven and mature technologies that can significantly improve the productivity of our customer's processing plants. Products such as:


  • Instrumentation
  • Materials handling
  • Screening equipment that has 1/2 the footprint & consumes 1/2 the power of conventional screening equipment.
  • Conveyors that are self contained and self supported.
  • Pneumatic motor starters for high startup torque applications.
  • Unique high torque low speed coupling that can take up more misalignment than any other coupling.
  • Self cleaning ultra-filtration technology that does not require crossflow filtration, this technology considerably reduces project costs.
  • Hard Water mitigation technology.
  • Containerized (Plug & Play) water treatment plants.
  • Various technologies to significantly increase sugar recuperation in sugar plants.
  • Technology to increase the efficiency of steam turbines by up to 5%.
  • Steam absorption technology to replace steam turbine condensers.
  • Boiler stack gas heat recuperation for biomass and coal fired power plants.
  • Technologies to significantly decrease life-cycle costs of power plants.
  • Minerals: Increasing efficiency of milling equipment
  • Minerals: Significant life-cycle cost reduction of fluids handling equipment.
  • Modular substations that can be installed at a fraction of the time it takes to install a conventional substation.

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